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Here is a TV commercial for the world’s creepiest toy. Really. It’s called the ‘Baby Laugh A-Lot’ and I defy you to watch this without hugging your knees.



What were the creators thinking?

Well, I’m here to tell you. At least, I’m here to tell you what I imagine they were thinking.

In what is becoming something of a series (see here and here), this is how I presume the first brainstorming meeting went:


Person 1: “Hello, Person 2. You ready for our next assignment?”

Person 2: “You betcha. I got carried away on those last few occasions, but I’m bringing my A game today! BOOYAH!”

P1: “Good to hear! And please never use that word again. OK, the assignment is to create a baby doll for little girls. The toy must have a unique selling point, she must do something that will make her memorable and special.”

P2: “Hmmmm… OK, I’m having a thought.”

P1: “Go on. What leaps to your mind?”

P2: “I’m thinking of a cute baby doll in a dress…”

P1: “Good.”

P2: “… and she’s possessed by demons from the seventh layer of hell!!”

P1: ” – ”

P2: ” – ”

P1: ” – ”

P2: “Well?”

P1: “Brilliant. But let’s make it the sixth layer of hell. I like that number better.”

P2: “That’s sarcasm, isn’t it? You’re not being very helpful.”

P1: “I’m not being helpful??”

P2: “Come on, it’ll be really scary. We can make her laugh maniacally whilst rocking back and forward. And we’ll give her an insane grin. I want horror film aficionados to look at her and say ‘Jesus, that’s a bit much!’”

P1: “You did hear me when I said THIS TOY IS FOR LITTLE GIRLS?”

P2: “Yeah, they’ll love it! They’re probably sick of their safe, cutesy dolls that don’t give them nightmares. Boor-ing!”

P1: ” – ”

P2: “And I have an idea for the TV ad. We can have little girls turning in fright! Like it’s crept up behind them. Then they can laugh like crazy because now they’re possessed too! YES!”

P1: “I’m going home.”

P2: “What? Why?”

P1: “Look, do what you want here. I just need to go home and have a long, hard think about my career.”

[Person 1 leaves the room]


2 Responses to “The toy every girl wants… to stop appearing in her nightmares”

  1. Bec says:

    Those guys are busy! Cracks me up! :p

    • Ms FOAS says:

      Yes, there’s a lot of weird stuff out there. I suspect they’ll be appearing again soon.

      Maybe I should give them actual names! You know, see if my imagination can stretch beyond ‘Person 1′ and ‘Person 2′.

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