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Halloween is a strange event in Australia. It always threatens to become popular, but never quite does.

Which is a shame as I’ve always had a soft spot for the costumes. Some are downright brilliant. And by brilliant, of course, I mean god-awful.

Like this, the Human Twister Board:

Clearly this photo was taken prior to him being presented with a mirror.

Now that I’m a mum, I’ve been interested in finding unfortunate costumes for babies too. At first, I was skeptical they could match the sheer awfulness of some of the adult offerings. I needn’t have worried.

So as a little Halloween gift, may I present the ‘Reasons Why My Son Should Be Relieved We Don’t Celebrate Halloween’.


8. Probably a poor choice for parties where people are smoking pot. I didn’t find a kebab costume, but the same warning applies.


7. If you want to hear “Do you want fries with that?” repeated ad nauseum all night, put your baby in this.


6. For when getting a laugh comes before your baby’s comfort and dignity (and shouldn’t it always?).


5. Maybe they made this in Sundae School (sorry).


4. You won’t like me when I’m angry. Just make me wear this costume and I’ll give you a demo.


3. Elvis has left the playgroup (no doubt because of all the taunting over this outfit)


2. This is supposed to be Chewbucca. Yes. I know.


And lastly…

1. I bet this was chosen by the dad.

Happy Halloween everyone!


2 Responses to “Why my son should be relieved we don’t celebrate Halloween”

  1. jacinta says:

    whaddya mean u don’t celebrate it? What were all those oct 31 nites we spent together in the pub wearing black then?

    Oh… Oh… Thats right, that was a nightly occurrence in the 90s

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