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My little baby turns 1 tomorrow. As a result I’m feeling particularly nostalgic and sentimental.

I am making a photo album for Mr Squish (or Munchkin, as we called him whilst I was pregnant) and I plan to include the first letter I ever wrote to him.

I thought I would share that letter below. It’s uncharacteristically soppy (I cried when I wrote it – hello pregnancy hormones!). You have been warned.


Dear Munchkin,

I am 34 weeks pregnant this week, so not long now until your big entrance into the world. Your father and I cannot wait!

Before I started penning this letter to you, I had some yoghurt and fruit. It obviously gave you an energy boost, as you’re now kicking and wriggling away happily. And it’s absolutely lovely. When I can tell that you’re awake – like now – I talk to you. Sometimes I even sing (please forgive me) and sometimes Dad plays you his music (please forgive him).

We call you Munchkin because Dad and I are still deliberating on your name. We want something cool, unique and not too popular. We do have a favourite, but we’re going to meet you before making our definitive choice. So for now, it’s Munchkin. Or Munch Munch. Or Monkey, of course.

Making the naming question slightly easier is that we know you’re a boy (we learnt this way back in week 18). We’ve also seen your little face via a 3D scan taken in week 30. We all think you resemble your father, which is a lovely thing. 

We’ve amassed most of your baby gear, including a stroller, cot, tiny clothes and lots of cool toys. There is a lovely expectant feeling in our home, where everything seems to be sitting ready, lying in wait for your big arrival.

So here we are, little Munchkin. We are about 5 weeks away from setting eyes on each other for the first time, and I never imagined I’d be here. I also never imagined I’d love this experience so much. You’re my “little passenger” who river dances at 3am, gets the hiccups, and kicks without hurting me one bit. 

Being pregnant has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

During the past seven months, I’ve had plenty of time to wonder about what sort of person you will become. I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn, to witness you develop ideas and a unique personality.

Daddy and I also wonder about what sort of parents we’ll be. We cannot guarantee we’ll be the best in the world (we’re new to this malarky too) but we know something for certain: we want you to be happy. And no matter what happens in your life, your dad and I will love you very much. Always. That much we can guarantee.

I cannot wait to meet you. My son.



8 Responses to “My first letter to my son”

  1. Joasia says:

    Aww!!! That’s beautiful!! Are you going to write him another one to mark tomorrow’s occasion?
    Happiest of Birthdays to Mr Squish for his 1st one!!!


    • Ms FOAS says:

      Yes I started one. But it’s been hectic so at the moment it’s just “Dear Mr Squish, happy b’day. Love, mum” – which kinda lacks the heart of the first one.

  2. KateWrightFaLaLa says:

    You bloody well made me cry, too! Who’d-a-thunk that Ms FOAS, my oldest and bestest friend, would have “penned” such a letter 20 years ago when first we met? Happy birthday to your little love for tomorrow. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Ms FOAS says:

      Yes, I was the quintessential I’m-never-getting-married-nor-having-kids girl.

      Um. Whoops!

      And thanks! I’ll give Mr Squish a big birthday hug from his Aunty KD. x

  3. brent says:

    Dear Mr Squish, happy first birthday! Wow, you made it! I’m sure it’s been a challenging yet terrific twelve months. What, with getting use to this big new world full of amazing colours and new smells, I’m sure everyday has been amazing. I know everyday has been amazing for your mum and dad who love you dearly and who sometimes still can’t believe how lucky they are since you entered their lives.
    I’d say by now you’ve realised the cold, hard realities of life – the cuddles aren’t going to stop (no matter how much you wriggle), the kisses won’t stop (no matter how much you squirm) and the singing to you won’t stop (no matter how far you stick your tiny fingers in your ears) so get used to it.
    On a plus side, the next year will be filled with new games as you go into ‘seek and destroy’ mode. The things you’ll be able to pull off tables, tip over, throw way and dribble on will keep you (and your folks) busy everyday. So enjoy the next year Tiger, it’s going to be a grand adventure for everyone!
    Brent and Matilda

    • Ms FOAS says:

      Aw! I’ve gotta say Brent, that was a lovely letter. So sweet (except the bit about my singing!). Thank you! Lots of hugs to your beautiful little one too! x

  4. jacinta says:

    I waited until a ‘clucky day’ to read this (Jobbie had a baby girl the day before yesterday, so that made me clucky). Very very sweet letter. In fact my throat got a bit lumpy.

    On a less clucky note, I eagerly await the letter titled ‘Dear teenager’ ;)

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